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Western Florida Jurisdiction COGIC
Evangelism Department

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Western Florida Department of Evangelism is to serve at the will of the Jurisdictional Bishop, as an outreach arm of the Church, and also aid in helping to strengthen the local church through revivals, soul winning institutes and conferences.

The outreach program is being specifically designed to expose non-Christians to Jesus Christ. The intent is to reach people at their point of need with the goal of leading them to Christ and bringing them into the Church, and making disciples.

Our purpose is to make every effort to promote the local church by asking every Pastor to encourage New converts to become Disciples and get involved in helping to meet the growing needs of the local church.

We will continue to do our best to implement techniques of sharing the "good news of Christ" in ways that will present the message of Christ clearly and persuasively. By any means possible, whatever the cost.

1. We endeavor to give total support to the Bishops program.

2. We endeavor to implement every assigned task.

3. We endeavor to promote the spread of Evangelism beyond the four walls.

4. We endeavor to engage in and encourage Solemn assemblies throughout the state

5. We endeavor to express Evangelism through revivals crusades, conferences, workshop and soul winning institutes.

6. We endeavor to plan, promote and conduct revivals that benefits the local church.

7. We endeavor (funds being available) to exercise ability in promoting church growth and extension.

8. We endeavor to win the lost at any cost.

Evangelist Announcement for Holy Convocation
Church of God in Christ
Western Florida Evangelist Dept. P.O. Box 3163
Winter Haven, Florida 33885 -3163
(863) 294- 4645

"The Flame of Evangelism Must Never Go Out"

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